Another challenging job accomplished!

Our client entrusted the shipment of special sheetpiles, 27 meter length and partly coated, to be delivered to the port of Gioia Tauro, Italy, where a new quay wall will be build. SeaWorks arranged the operations at loadport and contracted with Frisian Shipbrokers Mv. Karoline for shipment to dischargeport.

A good tight stowage was made to have the cargo in safe manner, without damage, cross Bay of Biscay with autumn weather, and arrive in good condition, especially the coated parts, in dischargeport. All in all a smooth cooperation with shippers and ship operator. Result, a happy client!

SeaWorks is specialized in odd and out of gauge breakbulk cargoes to and from special destinations and execute the contractual (such as booking note, charter party etc) under one roof! Please donot hesitate to contact SeaWorks with your cargo needs and we shall be glad to offer our services. 

SeaWorks also assist clients in claims and contractual issues such as damage to cargo, laytime calculations, extension of laydays, availability of berths, demurrage and detention etc. and act as mediators or arbitrators as requested.