Axion project Campana, Argentina

SeaWorks has managed successfully the project of the refinery extension for Axion by shipping almost 40,000 revenue tons of refinery equipment from Gaolan, China to Campana, Argentina which was contracted by Axion through freight forwarders Messrs. Geodis. The cargo was shipped on the multipurpose vessels of Messrs. Hong Fa Shipping which ships are excellently equipped for this type of cargo; more than 8,000 square meters under deck space and crane capacity up to 520mtons. SeaWorks the Netherlands, together with their local Argentinean partner, Platetrade, coordinated the shipments and quantities including the discharge at Campana.

The total project was executed in full with the last phase in June 2017 and to the full satisfaction of Axion and Geodis without any cargo damages nor delays.

The cargo was from time to time challenging with most pieces between 15 to 18mtr of length and heights up to 9mtr. Some pieces of cargo exceeded 20meter and weights up to 175mtons. Because of the open hatch and large square meter dimensions, the cargo was very well stowed and easy to discharge at port of discharge ensuring a smooth operation. All parties expressed their satisfaction with the combined efforts in this project.

Our fleet is modern, flexible and capable of accommodating a huge diversity of cargo sizes and appearances. The fleet exists of box shaped, heavy-lift and high square meter dry cargo project vessels. Please contact our chartering department for a tailor-made transport solution and price offer for one of our monthly services to and from South America and try us.