Biomass from Mediterranean Sea to Drogheda

The Energy Transition and SeaWorks’ activities! SeaWorks is since 5 years active in alternative fuels, including Biomass. Recently SeaWorks successfully arranged a fresh shipment of biomass for the Irish market.

By loading some 3,200mtons of biomass from the Mediterranean Sea to Drogheda, Ireland, SeaWorks will contribute to a cleaner environment. SeaWorks coordinated with the exporters and importers about the cargo, readiness and loading operations. Discharge at Drogheda was smoothly executed by our partner in Drogheda, Butterly Shipping. A clockwise and professional operation! Biomass is used to replace first line fuel, like coal, cokes etc. In view the material comes from the harvest of natural products, the exhaust/footprint is basically zero. 

SeaWorks is active with producers as well as receivers to promote this type of fuel and coordinate the logistics. We bring sellers and buyers together and by offering the best logistics, provide them with the best deal! In this case, we have two happy parties, the shippers and receviers.

SeaWorks is a breakbulk and project specialist serving clients, shippers, buyers and receivers in moving their cargoes and help them with their transport needs. SeaWorks also offers consultancy and contractual advice including assistance in disputes over seaborn transportation.