Breakbulk service!

At SeaWorks we take pride in serving the breakbulk and project industry. We go above and beyond the norm, and when our clients desire, we arrange for handling, discharge, storage and if necessary equipment.

SeaWorks is proud that their client Meever trusted them with the transport and discharge of special sheet piles to Port La Nouvelle where DEME of Belgium will construct a new port area. The sheet piles are used for quay-walls. Seaworks arranged for the transport, discharge and for the cargo to be stored in the custom bonded warehouse area, working together with Europort CLTM. In the meantime, the sheet piles have been taken out of storage and brought to site, and the first ones have been drilled into the soil!

Pictures say more than a thousand words; please take a look at the footage.



SeaWorks is a breakbulk and project specialist serving clients, shippers and receivers, in moving their cargos and help them with their transport needs. SeaWorks also offers consultancy and contractual advice including assistance in disputes over seaborn transportation.