Cable reels UK to Brazil

The Port of Newcastle in the United Kingdom was the start of SCL Angela’s Decembers southbound voyage. After having served as a ‘feeder’ vessel for GE Oil & Gas moving full and empty cable drums between the port of Blyth and the port of Newcastle the Angela loaded 11 heavy cable reels for a dedicated voyage to Vitoria, Brazil. Ongoing off shore oil production of Brazil oil major Petrobras keeps a strong demand for these high quality umbilical pipes says a GE representative.

The discharge late December, which is only allowed during daylight hours, took little under two days which is rather quick knowing there is only room for one reel at a time on the floating crane discharging the vessel. Moreover we had some empty units to reload for which we adjusted vessel stowage efficiently given the circumstances and the job was well-executed, leaving a satisfied client, ”SeaWorks operates clock wise with the Swiss flag ships, positioning the vessels on time, clear & reliable schedules without any deviations when arriving at the ports of destination, and on top always cooperative,” says the a GE on site representative.

The Mv. SCL Angela is a 12.500 DWAT multi-purpose heavy lift vessel with 160 metric ton combined lifting capacity. SeaWorks has eight of these vessels available to the service and experienced staff to operate the fleet efficiently.