December 2019

When a client calls with a need to act swiftly, SeaWorks responds quickly of course! SeaWorks was called to manage a cargo of special infra-steels of upto 18meter lengths which were landed at Veracruz. These steels had to be taken out of storage, made ready for loading and arrange for suitable tonnage.

SeaWorks with it’s local partner Cice, managed to get all arrangements swiftly in order and made the plan for loading the cargo tightly as partcargo. Ultimately the cargo was loaded within one shift, a very swift operation, and tightly stowed.

At discharge port, SeaWorks made all ready for a smooth reception of the cargo and in the meantime cargo has been discharged and placed into storage.

The customer was very satisfied that his cargo was handled and loaded in such smooth manner.


SeaWorks takes care of special cargoes and destinations. Advising clients, offering consultancy based on many years of experience in logistics and contractual matters. This is what SeaWorks are good in and realizing the solution based on the mutually agreed way of transport.

Do you have special requests or require advice or consultancy, please donot hesitate to contact us and we shall promptly respond to you.