General cargo and Steels

General cargo and the transport of various type of steel products is a vital and fundamental part of SeaWorks and Hong Fa cargo mix. Carrying large amounts of break bulk and general cargo such as big bags, rails, coils, machinery, palletized goods, timber, pipes and similar goods safely across the seas we dedicate our service and experienced staff to efficient and cost effective transport and handle these unique cargo types.

The diversity of our modern Multipurpose fleet provide us the tools and the flexibility to tailor make each voyage offering customers reliable and competitive ocean transport solutions. All our vessels have box-shaped holds with no under-stow and are thus perfectly designed for all types of general cargo using the drop-stow method minimizing handling and ensuring quick and efficient loading. Our staff and vessel have very strict procedures for loading, lashing and securing general cargoes and steels to ensure safe and careful operations and ocean transport. On demand we can supply de-humidifying devices to reduce rust advancing during the sea voyage.