July 2020

SeaWorks has succesfully arranged a simple transport but complex by the destination. St.John, NB, was the final destination for a small cargo of special sheetpiling upto 24meter lengths.

SeaWorks arranged the transport from Rotterdam, where the cargo loaded onboard Mv. CLI Pride which set sail for Canada.

At destination the handling was coordinated further with ITN and special length trucks were despatched to St. John NB, where all cargo was delivered in good and sound condition. 

With SeaWorks’ reliable partners Incotrans and ITN, this transport was smoothly executed to the entire satisfaction of the receivers.


Do you have odd size cargoes or special destinations, please donot hesitate to ask SeaWorks’ for execution of your transport needs. SeaWorks is specialized in breakbulk and project cargo for which tailormade solutions are made.

SeaWorks can also advise you in case of questions or issues with transport contracts where we can act as mediators to parties.

Any question will be promptly responded to.