June 2019

Regular cargoes have been shipped during the past months. In June though a highlight and summer shipment! 4 high value yachts were booked by SeaWorks and loaded in Palma for Baltic destination.

The operation required good coordination which shippers were able to manage since the ship was timely arranged giving ample time for good preparation. The biggest yacht weighed 65mtons and was loaded precisely by ship’s gear.

After safely being loaded, lashed and secured the shipment was carried in safe and punctual manner and discharged exactly as per schedule. The yacht owners were very glad to kickstart their engines and enjoy the beautiful summer days on their yachts in the Baltic.

‘We shipped many yachts already, from single handed to trimarans as well as patrolboats, but this was again a special one which required knowledge and good planning. We were glad to work with WSY and the Owners, who did a fanastic job in the arrangements and operations.’ Says Tjeerd Veldhuizen of SeaWorks. The crew of the ship did a good job and WSY knew exactly what had to be done for a safe and reliable operation.


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