Loading of the biggest vessel having called at Port if Umeå

At the port of Umeå, the biggest vessel ever was loaded in December 2023. Mv. Pilecki, sailing in the service of Messrs. Chipolbrok, loaded a shipment of paper products bound for China.

SeaWorks is proud to have been part of the team, together with partner Donnermalm Shipping, to have arranged for this shipment. The big reels were loaded successfully thanks to the box-shaped holds and completely open hatches of the vessel. The crew of the vessel provided professional care and together with the stevedores executed a great job.

Despite the weather conditions sometimes reaching almost Arctic weather conditions, temperatures dropping to as low as minus 22 degrees Celsius, the operations were conducted in time. The ship provided for sufficient air conditioning to take care that the cargo would arrive in the same condition as loaded. Sailing from a cold area to a warm area is always challenging which can lead to moisture. This was carefully avoided by the crew and the cargo arrived in the good condition at port of discharge where the cargo was discharged swiftly.

SeaWorks is glad to work together with professionals like Donnermalm Shipping and Chipolbrok enabling to ship a cargo of paper in reels. Thanks to all parties’ efforts it has led to satisfied customers! SeaWorks is a breakbulk and project specialist serving clients, shippers, buyers and receivers in moving their cargoes and help them with their transport needs. SeaWorks also offers consultancy and contractual advice including assistance in disputes over seaborn transportation.