Logistics, sheetpiling and exhibition.

Not really an immediate corresponding connection! SeaWorks is proud that of taking care of the seaborn logistics of Meever&Meever’s product. Often these are challenging cargoes, lengthy, cubic, specially designed. The products are used in many areas in the world, from South America till the Lakes of Canada, from Scandinavia till Mozambique and throughout Europe and the Middle East. Many of you drive by these products without realizing that they are used. For instance, road-viaducts usually have sheetpiling to support the groundworks, all port-terminals in the world use sheetpiling and pipes to create strong walls along which mega ships can safely berth. In The Netherlands lots of sheetpiling is used since the groundwater is always around and has to be kept out.


These sheetpiles and pipes come in a variety of lengths and types. Some of them even go up to 45-50mtr lengths and you may appreciate what challenges the logistics cause to deliver such cargo into place. As an example of what sheetpiling and pipes are, you can see from the Dutch Pavilion at the Dubai Expo which has been build with Meever&Meever’s sheetpiles and pipes and the result is astonishing! The Dubai Expo continues into 2022 so when you visit Dubai, pay a visit to see this awesome building! We are proud that we are a partner to take care of their logistics.

SeaWorks manages contractual and logistic challenges, breakbulk and project cargoes, problem solving and mediation in a variety of cases.