Logs in Uruguay

Recently HongFa Shipping and SeaWorks have been awarded with a contract to transport 90 thousands metric tons of pine logs for the Chinese timber industry. These logs, averaging 6 meters in length, have been loaded in Uruguay on the Mv Chang Jiang, one of the Multi-Purpose carrier Hong Fa operates in the line to and from South America . A total of three of the so called Blue Whale type vessels are scheduled to lift the total cargo on contract. Hand in hand with the shippers, stevedores, vessels crew and command the available space on the vessels was used to the maximum creating a stowage which resembles Swedish matches in a box.

Our fleet is modern, flexible and capable of accommodating a huge diversity of cargo sizes and appearances. The fleet exists of box shaped, heavy-lift and high square meter dry cargo project vessels. Please contact our chartering department for a tailor made transport solution and price offer for one of our monthly services to and from South America and try us.