Maiden Voyage Itaqui MV Chang Jiang

SeaWorks, general agents in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay for Messrs. Hong Fa, successfully and safely discharged a complete cement factory in Itaqui, Brazil from Mv Chang Jiang’s decks and holds on her maiden voyage from China.

Hans Vos, Director of SeaWorks do Brasil mentioned: “What a perfect general cargo ship to market and operate. Her long wide hatches and holds makes her very accessible and flexible. In combination with the well trained crew and modern heavy lift cranes she is an asset for our operation and client base. Her layout offers a powerful multipurpose transport solution able to serve almost all Brazilian exporters. We are pleased to receive a lot of interest for this type”.

The 36.000 Mtns DWAT Mv Chang Jiang is the first delivery in a series of 4 sister vessels namely Mv Huang He (April 2015), Mv Tai Hu (October 2015) and Mv Dong Hai (December 2015). These “Blue Whale” type vessels offer a combined lifting capacity of 520 Mtns (2×260 Mtns + 1 x 120 Mtns) and over 8000 SQM under deck space and are true multi-purpose flexible workhorses. Convertible into single decker’s by mean of (re) moveable pontoons.

The second vessel in the series, Mv HuangHe, is presently underway and expected to arrive on the South American East coast around 10th June on her regular run in the line’s dedicated Service Route.

Ship’s main Particulars

– Vessel Type: Modern MPP tri-deck / open hatch box shape;
– DWAT / Summer Draft: 36,000 Mtns / 11.20 m ;
– Loa / Breadth / Depth: 187.99 m / 27.4 m / 16 m;
– Bale / Grain Capacity: 44,599 / 45,510 m3
– Ho / Ha: 3 / 3;
– Hatch Dimension: No.1 – 18.96*18.26 m / No.2 & 3 – 53.72*23 m;
– 8063 SQM under deck
– Crane’s Capacity : 1×120 Mtns + 2×260 Mtns up to 520 Mtns
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