March 2020

The Covid-19 situation kicked in this year in a very unexpected way. Our service from China to ECSA and back felt the results of the crisis at an early stage.

Shipments from China were delayed since after the Chinese New Year, the measures taken to contain Covid-19 impacted the export immediately.

However, at SeaWorks we continued the service and bookings which resulted that once the Covid-19 measures, taken by the Chinese Government, started to bear fruit and life came back to the (new) normal, ships were loaded and dispatched to Brazil.

The rest of the world was then hard hit by the Covid-19 situation which takes another toll on the world wide trade besides the social and mental impact for many.

SeaWorks continue to man it’s offices and provide the service which clients trust upon. So we have been able to perform bookings, shipments and right and true delivery of cargoes.

Clients can rely on SeaWorks and any question will be promptly responded to.