Mining & Dredging

Rolling stock, tracked machine, excavators and other earth moving equipment require special attention, stowage and securing. The vessel are supplied with all necessary materials to safely and efficiently move large pieces of equipment.

The open and box characteristics of the vessels holds and hatches provide excellent space for dredging pipes, floaters and sheet-piles. We care for your cargo and dedicates ourselves to delivering our promises.

Oil & Gas

Handling and moving equipment for the oil and gas industry like large modules, flexible pipes, loading arms, skids, valves and generators demand project management, transport Engineering and detailed planning. Our technical staff prepares method statements describing the operations in details and informing all relevant parties at the port of loading and port of discharge on the procedures to be followed.

Monitoring Health, Safety, Quality and Environment demands involving the cargo movement, handling and securing form part of our primary process and is essential to the safe execution of the transport plan and demands.

Railway & Infrastructure

Moving locomotives, railcars and wagons require careful planning and delicate handling procedures. With or without the bogies attached we know how to safely move the cargo and if necessary discharge them direct onto rail.

Energy & Renewable Energy

Heavy, lengthy, bulky and sensitive are some of the key words identifying the type of expertise needed to safely move energy related cargoes like turbines, windmills and transformers across the oceans. The length of our vessels holds and hatches permit us to accommodate large volume of wind energy equipment on and below deck. Combining excellent stowage, intake, cranes and handling our ships can facilitate the movement of almost any size and volume wind turbines in the market today.

Yachts & Cranes

We offer lift on/lift off service with our own onboard cranes enabling us to load and discharge yachts and other floating equipment directly from quay or water. The flexible nature of the services allows SeaWorks to call and operate at all terminals and safe anchorages in Europe and South America providing the yacht owners with a tailor made transport solution.

Break-bulk and Dry-bulk

The modern Multi-Purpose vessels operated are ideal to for the movement of a wide range of break-bulk cargoes in small and big quantities. Steels, Non-Ferro’s, unitized cargoes like pallets or bales, rails, pipes or bulk it fits our vessels and operations like a glove.

The vessel in our fleet have box holds, open hatches, in height & length-adjustable tween-decks, are strengthened on the tank top for heavy cargoes and equipped with modern fast cranes ensuring easy and quick handling of break-bulk cargoes.