Mv. Chipol Xiongang loaded at the port of Taicang

Mv. Chipol Xiongang loaded at the port of Taicang 11 generators of 55mts plus accessories for discharge at Paranagua. After her journey from China, vessel arrived at Brazil where SeaWorks operates the ship throughout the ports with the fastest dispatch.

Cargo has been well stowed, lashed and secured and SeaWorks arranges, together with their local partners, for a safe and smooth discharge operation of these valuable units. SeaWorks offers together with Hong Fa Shipping of Shanghai regular, monthly sailings from Far East, South East Asia vi

a South Africa to East Coast South America with modern boxshaped MPP vessels, geared upot 620mtons lifting capacity. We can offer you basically any solution for your cargoes!

Especially nowadays, with uncertainty of availability of containers and schedules, we offer you breakbulk solutions and safely load, stow and discharge your cargoes. Try us!


SeaWorks is an internationally operating shipping company, specialized in breakbulk, project and out of gauge cargoes offering solutions for cargo owners. Besides the cargo solutions, SeaWorks also offers consultancy for projects and operations, negotiations of Charter Party and Booking Note conditions and mediation in case of disputes. If you have any question, enquiry or contractual issue, you can always contact SeaWorks to assist.