Mv. GOLDY SEVEN the ship in commercial management with SeaWorks BV has been at the yard for her survey. After extensive work, overhaul, the ship has been approvedby Class and is again in tip top condition. Vessel’s hold is clean, hatches been inspected and fully watertight, technically all is fitted and ready for the years to come PLUS the ship’s Flettner rotor is making the ship environmental sustainable and thus leading to less emissions serving the world and the shippers/charterers in their work to lower their ecological footprint. Mv. Goldy Seven is a multipurpose boxshaped, openhatch vessel able to carry all sorts of cargo, windmill blades, power equipment, steels, dry bulk and also IMO & Dangerous cargoes. With her length and shallow draft Mv. Goldy Seven can almost call any port in West Africa, Med, Continent, UK and Baltic.


Vessel is now on her way to load for West Africa and ship is looking for partcargo from Dakar range by 18th of June for Antwerp-Hamburg range, anything upto 2,700mtons, breakbulk, project, dry bulk and of course IMO/dangerous cargoes. We look forward to your proposals.

Soon we shall come with further news on other vessels which will enter the SeaWorks commercial management.