Mv Yu Peng Maiden call Brazil

On her maiden port call to Salvador, Brazil Mv Yu Peng discharged 6 ultralong windmill blades. The discharge operation was witnessed by the 78 cadets on board of this Dalian Maritime University trainings vessel operated by Hong Fa Shipping Co.

Vessels agents Mr. Luiz Valverde, in charge of the discharge operation mentioned: “What a great experience to work with these Chinese cadets, it is always a pleasure to welcome newcomers to our industry, to our port and beautiful country. Thanks to the assistance and professionalism of both the (teaching) staff and cadets we managed to safely and efficiently discharge the vessels deck cargo within just a few hours. We achieved significant savings in time as the cargo was unlashed and the vessel fully ready to be discharged when the stevedores boarded.”

The 30.000 Mtns DWAT Mv Yu Peng is a unique floating and operational training facility of the Dalian Maritime University. Besides a temporary home to over 100 heads of teachers, staff and cadets of the Chinese University the vessel offers a combined lifting capacity of 480 Mtns (2×240 Mtns), 4 Holds with triple deck adjustable in height and is convertible into single decker’s by mean of (re) moveable pontoons.

SeaWorks, bookings agents in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay for Messrs. Hong Fa offer a regular monthly breakbulk service from China, Korea, South East Asia and Singapore to  the  South American East coast.