Rolling equipment from the Amazon

On May 21st the SCL Angela sailed from Belem, North Brazil to Moerdijk, The Netherlands with a full cargo of used rolling stock like dump trucks, hydraulic excavators, water trucks and compactors. The cargo was pre-carried from the inlands of the Brazilian rainforest on 3 river barges to the port of Belem were the vehicles were loaded direct from these pontoons by vessels.

The SeaWorks team prepared a full stowage, method statement, lashing and securing plan to safely load and stow the large variety of vehicles and to prevent the machines from moving during possible rough seas when transiting the Atlantic. SeaWorks port captain Agria executed the plan in close cooperation with the shippers, stevedore, lashing team and vessels crew. Over 750 D-rings had to be installed to get the equipment secured using a combination of belts and chains.

After a short transit of 11 days the vehicles were discharged and delivered to the local receiver at Moerdijk, The Netherlands quickly, smoothly and 100 percent free of damage. When talking to the Master, Captain Andrey Andriyash, he complimented SeaWorks on the precise loading and discharge operations and the lashing and securing plane. “With a maximum of 30 to 40 centimeters in between the units pre-planning, preparation and the use of the right securing equipment is vital, SeaWorks is obviously not a novice when it comes to moving complex cargoes” commented the Master. “Securing was tight, effective and more than satisfactory, the cargo did not move a centimeter which was comforting to both the crew and (deck) cargo”.

The Mv. SCL Angela is a 12.500 DWAT multi-purpose heavy lift vessel with 160 metric ton combined lifting capacity. SeaWorks has eight of these vessels available to the service and and experienced staff to operate the fleet efficiently.