September 2019

Special steels require special care. SeaWorks’ client ordered special steel for Canada. After carefully considering the option, SeaWorks decided to arrange the transport by containers. In that way the steel would be arriving in the same condition as being loaded with the least risk of scratches which had to be avoided.

SeaWorks arranged the loading at the producers’ premises and the whole transport chain upto DAP in Canada. This was done in a short time and less than 20 days later the goods were delivered at site!

We have shipped a lot of steels in many forms and quantities but this was a special request since we had to take care of ‘no damages’ and speedy delivery from the production site till final customer’s site. Planning is of the essence in such an operation which went very smoothly thanks to early planning with the client.

Another satisfied customer!


SeaWorks takes care of special cargoes and destinations. Advising clients, offering consultancy based on many years of experience in logistics is what we are good in and realizing the solution based on the mutually agreed way of transport.

Do you have special requests or require advice or consultancy, please donot hesitate to contact us and we shall promptly respond to you.