Specially fabricated pilings

Specially fabricated pilings which will be used for building and construction was awarded to SeaWorks for transportation from Dordrecht to Denmark. The 380 pipes, with socalled locking-plates welded to it, were loaded and stowed in a specially contracted shallow water coaster.

Due to the welded plates, the stowage was a bit different than usual with bare pipes and since pipes had to be loaded ‘diagonally’. An advantage of the welded plates is that the cargo could not roll.

The stowage was well performed by the stevedoring terminal and ship and cargo safely reached the discharge port where the cargo was swiftly discharged.

We thank our clients for their trust in SeaWorks for transporting their valuable cargoes. Cargo was received in sound order, another happy client.


SeaWorks is a breakbulk and project specialist assisting clients, shippers and receivers, in moving their cargoes and help them with all documentation for a smooth transport. SeaWorks also offers consultancy and contractual advice including assistance in disputes for seaborn transportation.