Tjeerd Veldhuizen

Tjeerd Veldhuizen has been pleased to collaborate as a member in the panel to resolve a claim under arbitration. The claim, amounting over Euro. 10 million involved a claim under a Charter Party for special work performed for offshore installation.

The parties had agreed to employ a vessel able to handle the equipment which Charterers would use onboard however without specific technical details. The Owners provided their ship which was initially pre-inspected by Charterers which went without comments.

After delivery of the ship into operation, the Charterers claimed irregularities in the power supply and had to take measures to neutralize these. Due to heavy pressure on the job to be executed, the Charterers sent the ship to the offshore installation site. Unfortunately, the measures taken by Charterers did not work out and vessel had to return to base for refitting of additional installations.

The ship was not put off duty at the time of the problems. Only afterwards the Charterers claimed damages after Owners had requested for payment of balance of (considerable) hire. The matter became very complicated however, due to Tjeerd Veldhuizen’s long time experience in operating vessels and executing projects, the panel was able to go through the operational procedures and come to the essence. After two hearing sessions, the panel came to a conclusion in this arbitration which could be finalized.

A constructive cooperation with his fellow panel members in this arbitration led to a clear award.

Tjeerd Veldhuizen of SeaWorks has a long career in operating and project execution and assists cargo- as well as ship-owners with their contractual questions. Tjeerd assists parties to prepare contracts transparently and clearly in order to avoid disputes, such as he was arbitrator for in the above case, which always end up in avoidable costs and loss of time.

SeaWorks strive to create tailormade solutions for their clients for their breakbulk, project and bulk cargoes including drafting of contracts and assistance in legal questions.