Transport by sea

Transport by sea is a big topic nowadays and consumers realize more and more that a lot of their consumption is carried by ships! The transport market is HOT! This results in very high transport prices which Charterers, Shippers and Buyers are prepared to pay. This fuels the worldwide inflation. But the price is one thing; how to get space onboard ships is another challenge!

All parties want to have their goods shipped as soon as possible once it is ready. This results now in the situation that bulkcarriers, used to carry bulk cargoes like coal, grains, fertilizers, iron ore, are time chartered and used to carry cargoes like plywood, steels, big bags etc. The ships are available, they can load more than most ordinary multi purpose ships and it may be that the economy of numbers work out. Large singledeck ships though need another approach as to stowage than multi purpose ships to make sure that the cargo is safely loaded and stowed and will not shift. This requires planning and monitoring before loading and during operations otherwise the result can turn out like in these pictures. The handling of a collapsed steelcargo is time consuming, thus money, extra handling and likely damage to the cargo which results in claims. These costs, ultimately, will come on top of the transport prices and thus fueling inflation further. Not to speak about the longer time that a ship is under operation.


During this time, the ship is not available to the market consequently less tonnage around. The simple rule of supply and demand results in higher prices for the other tonnage which is available since many shippers and charterers need a ship for their cargoes. Simply put, good pre-planning, proper loading and stowage results in fast discharge, less cargo damage and faster turn-around of vessels and thus improving the balance of ocean transportation. Yes, this requires some investment but this is much much less than the loss of time in discharge, detention time of ships and claims for damages to cargo! You want to avoid this domino effect, just click on the contact button and ask our assistance. SeaWorks is ready to assist you in your contracts, planning of operations and mediation of claims.

SeaWorks is an internationally operating shipping company, specialized in breakbulk, project and out of gauge cargoes offering solutions for cargo owners. Besides the cargo solutions, SeaWorks also offers consultancy for projects and operations, negotiations of Charter Party and Booking Note conditions and mediation in case of disputes. If you have any question, enquiry or contractual issue, we are just one click away.