Yu Peng maiden call Argentina

SeaWorks is proud to have been at the base of the maiden voyage to Argentina of Mv. Yu Peng, the Dalian Maritime University’s ship for education of maritime officers. The 30,000 Mtns MPP vessel has carried about 15,000 Mtns of big bags to the port of Bahia Blanca where all cargo was discharged smoothly without damages. Mv. Yu Peng is carrying about 78 students on board on this voyage who are taught the navigation and stowage, cargo handling of break-bulk cargoes. This is a clear signal that Hong Fa Shipping is investing in quality sailors for their MPP fleet for now and in the future.

Hong Fa Shipping offers monthly sailings from Far East/South East Asia, via South Africa, to East Coast South America and back again. SeaWorks is general agents for Hong Fa Shipping in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and since October also agents in Europe, covering The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and Turkey. Tjeerd Veldhuizen, managing director, comments: “this type of cargo is a great cargo for the Line and the MPP ships which are equipped with triple decks safeguarding a good stowage thus no damage. The flexibility in cargo size and ship type is very good for the clients’ cargoes and the Line can combine many cargoes with the big bags. Consequently, a win/win situation for all parties involved.”