Generator equipment for Argentina

It was a long and beautiful summer. Two pieces of generators had to find their way to Argentina. SeaWorks arranged for the transport of two units, each 13meter long and weighing 118mtons. The cargo was loaded from Italy, where our local partners arranged for the lashing and seafastening, all the way through to Buenos Aires within 35 days transit time.

The cargo was safely and sound discharged at Buenos Aires where our local partner arranged for a smooth delivery to the client who was very satisfied with the swift and precise service! In the meantime the two generators have been installed.


‘It was a challenge to see to it that these two units to be loaded from Italy would be shipped with a speedy transittime but we did manage’ commented Tjeerd Veldhuizen. The generators were safely handled and stowed and we thank our partners for their cooperation which led to another safe transport and a tailor made solution towards our clients.


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