Circular economy

The new economy to take care of our planet is called circular economy. Everything is labelled and in this way can be re-used. Plastic parts for instance which can not be re-used are then to be used as fuel. SeaWorks, working on tailormade solutions for a diversity of goods, manage such shipments of waste for powergeneration.

This waste is packed in bales to be loaded and stowed in a tight way. SeaWorks arranged another transport from Ireland to the final destination, powerplants in Denmark which use this commodity as energy source.

The cargo has been well received by our clients without interruptions, with bales in sound condition and in the meantime used to produce energy for the local households and industries.


‘It is not new to the market but for SeaWorks it is a step into a direction where we want to be more active; transport goods for the circular economy. We are convinced that this new trend will create new cargo flows. We at SeaWorks are of the opinion that we all have to contribute to improve re-use of materials. To look into alternative fuels like biomass and eliminate waste getting into our chains for food and health. Perhaps not a sexy cargo but it is a step into the right direction’ stated Tjeerd Veldhuizen of SeaWorks.

The bales with waste are shrink-wrapped with eight layers to protect them from breaking and spilling the content. The provided ships with their boxshaped holds are excellent for a good stowage and safe discharge. SeaWorks foresee many more shipments to execute.


SeaWorks are working out tailormade solutions for their clients, from project cargoes to biomass bulk and waste bales. SeaWorks offer their spezialized knowledge in shipments within Europe and Baltic, Mediterranean Sea and serving regularly to East Coast South America with dedicated vessels.