Woodpulp shipments from Brasil

SeaWorks has multiple in-house disciplines when is comes to the cargo variety which are moved around the globe. The company successfully contracted and arranged the first shipment of woodpulp in bales, part of a larger contract, from Salvador to China. The modern and geared box-shaped, open-hatch multipurpose vessel Mv. Giulia I was contracted to load this sensitive cargo.

Key of success lies within quick cargo operations, clean hold, surfaces and forklifts and careful coordination with Shippers and vessel by SeaWorks’ local partner Messrs. Marinav in Salvador.

The result; a smooth and fast operation on board of the Giulia, one day in port, sailing 24 hours after arrival, very tight stowage and no damages nor delays. Shippers and Carriers were very satisfied with the follow up, cooperation and neat operation.

Vessel left for her voyage to China fully laden. SeaWorks is ready for the next shipment from Salvador!

SeaWorks operates a fleet of modern box shaped multipurpose tween-deck, shallow draft vessels in the Atlantic Basin. Sizes ranging from 8.000 to 14.000 Metric-tons dead-weight and lifting capacities up to 160 metric-tons and offers tailor-made solutions to their clients for cargo logistics.