General booking agents in Europe

SeaWorks is very proud to announce that they are appointed by Messrs. Hong Fa Shipping as general booking agents in Europe.

SeaWorks already is general agents since the start of the liner service by Hong Fa in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and this additional agency is a confirmation of the commercial successes.

SeaWorks will represent Hong Fa in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Luxemburg, Turkey and of course The Netherlands! SeaWorks is dedicated to bring the clients the best possible rates and service with the services of Hong Fa Shipping from Far East, South East Asia to South Africa and East Coast South America. Upon completion of the ‘Westbound run’ the ships will load return cargoes from East Coast South America, via South Africa, to South East Asia and Far Eastern ports.

Hong Fa Shipping is operating a fleet of modern MPP ships of 36,000tdwat with cranes up to 520mtons lifting capacity. The ships are equipped with wide and long hatches and are completely box shaped, open hatch. A monthly service is offered, in- as well as outbound.

SeaWorks sends the positions of the ships on a weekly basis. In case you wish to receive the position lists, please contact SeaWorks accordingly.

Tjeerd Veldhuizen, managing director, states: ‘this is a confirmation of our dedication to the development of the Line of Hong Fa Shipping and with our team and people in South America, SeaWorks do Brasil Ltda. and Platetrade SA in Argentina, we have achieved a real footprint and recognition of the liner quality offered by Hong Fa. We are proud that we have been partner from the start in 2014. With the big projects and infrastructural market in South America, Hong Fa and SeaWorks are well positioned to offer clients good transport possibilities both from Far East as well as Europe.’