SCL Akwaba discharging barge hatches at Belem

As part of an Amazon river-barge newbuilding project SeaWorks was awarded with the ocean carriage contract for a transport solution proposed earlier in the year. The project, consisting of 80 barge hatch pieces to be moved under deck from Belgium to Brazil, including the pre-loading transport design, packaging, (warranty) survey, on- and off-loading till landed on Amazon river barges.

Matching the projects overall schedule, the cargo was delivered in packages of 15 meters length x 7 meter width x 5 meters height and mobilized by barge to Antwerp and got shipped onboard the SCL Akwaba with final destination Belem. The performing vessel for this was one of the 12500 DWAT MPP heavy lifters. These vessels feature lifting capabilities of up to 160 Metric ton and provided the over 2600 square meter under deck space needed to accommodate this large voluminous cargo. SeaWorks has eight vessels available to the service and experienced staff to operate the fleet efficiently.